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and what we do

We’re a Specialty consulting, coaching and training company with a mission:

To help working parents lead more successful and satisfying lives.  

We’re launching a gentle rebellion against the either/or thinking that has dominated the conversation – and feelings – around working parenthood to date.  We believe that working parents can be terrific at raising children and be successful on the job – and feel proud of doing so, too.  We coined the term Workparent to describe anyone who’s working while raising a child.  One person, two roles: No contradictions – and no apologies. 

We believe that all working parents deserve the same voice, support, and level of respect.  We are mothers, fathers and guardians, gay and straight, biological and adoptive, in all professions, from all backgrounds, of all beliefs, in all kinds of families, and parenting children of all ages. 

We think that the best solutions for working parents come from working parents – and that our entire community benefits when we put our minds and voices together.      

We do what works.  We help working parents succeed on the job while fulfilling – and enjoying – responsibilities at home by sharing practical tools and techniques that they can use immediately.  We teach leaders and organizations how to support and retain working parents in a way that’s realistic, feasible, and good for business.

If you are a working parent, or want to support those in your community or organization who are: join us.



The Workparent Difference



WE BELIEVE THAT WORKING PARENTS DESERVE TO BE PROUD of building the future, while raising it. 

WE’RE INCLUSIVE.  We believe that all working parents –  mothers and fathers, gay and straight, biological and adoptive, in all professions, from all backgrounds, of all beliefs, in all kinds of family structures, parenting children of all ages – deserve the same voice, support, set of solutions, and level of respect.

WE UNDERSTAND THAT WORKING PARENTHOOD IS A LONG JOURNEY – of 18 years or more.  At Workparent, we know that the challenges of managing children and career don’t stop when the diapers do. 


WE FOCUS ON PRACTICAL ADVICE THAT CAN IMPROVE LIVES AND CAREERS TODAYWhether it’s on how to talk about your latest project with your boss’s boss, handle a parent-teacher conference during a work emergency, or stay connected with your kids while away on business: We’re here for you with specific recommendations that will leave you confident, content, and in control. 

WE WORK WITH INDIVIDUALS, WITH LEADERS, AND WITH ORGANIZATIONS.  Our three-tier approach lets us find and build solutions that work at all levels and for the long term. 

WE BELIEVE IN DOING WHAT WORKS.  We find the working parents, leaders and organizations who have “been there and done that” successfully, listen for their best advice and approaches, and bring the best of those solutions straight to you.  Then you decide what will be most powerful – for yourself, for your family, and for your organization. 


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Our Founder

Daisy Wademan Dowling is the Founder & CEO of Workparent, the leading consulting, training, and research firm exclusively focused on working parents and the organizations that employ them.  Daisy began Workparent with a simple, bold vision: that all working parents could succeed on the job and remain true to themselves while raising terrific kids – and that they deserved to take pride in doing so.  

In addition to leading the firm, coaching individual parents, providing strategic advice and speaking to groups of parents and leaders, Daisy created and writes the Harvard Business Review’s first-ever column on working-parent issues.  

Before founding Workparent, Daisy spent 15 years as a human capital expert and executive coach, helping leaders at all levels improve their performance, drive success of their teams and organizations, and find happiness at work.  She created and ran the global talent- and leadership-development efforts at three Fortune 100 companies and worked as consultant and advisor to clients throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  

An acknowledged expert on careers, personal development and work/life balance, she has published 14 articles in the Harvard Business Review magazine and authored dedicated chapters in the HBR Guide to Coaching Employees, the Harvard Business Review on Managing Yourself and the HBR Guide to Work-Life Balance. Her original writing has also appeared in such diverse publications as the New York TimesWashington PostJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceEuropean Business ReviewDallas Morning News and Elle magazine.  Daisy’s advice, career and work has also been profiled in the Financial TimesSunday Times (UK)Wall Street Journal, and on  In 2004, her book Remember Who You Are (Harvard Business Publishing), on personal authenticity at work, became an international bestseller and has since been published in ten languages.  

A graduate of Brown University and Harvard Business School, Daisy lives in New York City with her husband – a proud working father – and their two young children.