Frequently asked questions


How often do you post new content?

New blogs and stories appear are posted regularly.  Check back again soon for great new Workparent stories, ideas and solutions – that will make you feel powerful, proud, and inspired.  

Can you speak at my organization or event? 

Daisy Dowling and other members of the Workparent team speak regularly at companies, conferences, and with community groups of all kinds.  To discuss availability, format and rates, please email  

Does Workparent accept sponsored blog or story submissions? 


Can I hire Daisy Dowling or another Workparent team member as a personal Workparent coach? 

If you would like individual support, we’re happy to either help directly or make a referral to a certified Workparent coach in your community.  Email us at

What other resources do you recommend for working parents?

We believe that the best resource for working parents is other working parents.  Seek out the working mothers and fathers in your community who appear to be thriving, and asking them straight-up for advice.  We guarantee that nine times out of ten, you will come away with new ideas and techniques for Workparent success, feeling inspired and motivated – and best of all, part of the powerful, supportive Workparent community.  Don’t forget to share any great advice you do get with us!  Comment on our Solutions page, or send us a note at